Organizational Citizenship Behaviour (OCB) Berbasis Modal Sosial

Studi pada Perusahaan Penyedia Jasa Keamanan

  • Karina Chandra Dewi University of Indonesia
Keywords: social capital


Members of organization with low organizational citizenship behavior (OCBs) will prove to have low performance. Previous studies have examined OCBs comprehensively in perspective of Business, Management, and Psychology. The whole study has illustrated empirical evidence that OCBs are related to organizational performance, but these studies have weaknesses that it does not examine factors that can affect OCBs themselves. In contrast to previous studies, this article examines the OCBs from a sociological point of view, particularly the perspective of social capital as social capital has been shown to contribute to the formation of the commitment of members of the organization in co-operation with one another. Therefore, this study will examine the OCBs based on social capital in PT G4S Cash Service using a qualitative approach. Data collection will be obtained through observation, literature studies and in-depth interviews.

Keywords : organizational performance, organizational citizenship behavior, social capital


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