Food Creative Blogger sebagai Structural Hole dalam Industri Kuliner Bandung

  • Syifa Andini Salsabila Sosiologi FISIP Universitas Indonesia
Keywords: Creative bloggers, culinary tourism, Bandung, Structural hole




This article discusses how creative bloggers as structural holes have a role in promoting Bandung culinary tourism. Previous studies have suggested that a creative bloggers has a role as food-enthusiast, public relation, an endorser, journalist and as a prosumer (producer-consumer) in the context of the digital society. However, previous studies have not explained that a creative bloggers in this digital era also has a role as a structural hole through their social media account can share culinary information to consumer society. The results of this study shows that creative bloggers as a structural hole is able to be a bridge between culinary entrepreneurs and consumer society. However, in the other hand, further investigation shows that creative bloggers also has a potential to perpetuate the social stratification of Bandung culinary entrepreneurs. This study uses qualitative approach with observation and indepth interview method to several creative bloggers as a main interviewees. The author also conducted triangulation of data by interviewing culinary entrepreneurs, Bandung City Department of Tourism and Culture, as well as followers of creative blog account in instagram.


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